RGB Float Values with iPalette Pro …

Below is a snippet of Objective-C code using the NSColor Class to set the background color of a textField.


Notice the color (a shade of blue) is set with float values for Red (0.1336), Green (0.5266), and Blue (1.0000). I opened Photoshop and I didn’t have much success finding a way to return RGB float values for displayed colors. I’m sure the feature is available. I’ll dig deeper when I have some time.

A while back I purchased a copy of iPalette Pro and tucked it away. This is a nifty design tool that supports custom color management and storage. It’s very well designed and fun to use. It’s another example of a $10 Mac Shareware gem.


Take a close look at the data located at the bottom of the RGB Test window. Exactly what I’m looking for: RGB float values.

I’m glad I bought iPalette Pro. It’s worth taking a look at …


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2 thoughts on “RGB Float Values with iPalette Pro …”

  1. So what you’re trying to get is a decimal fraction.

    If the maximum value is 255 then all you have to do is divide the value, say 34 by 255. In C the code, assuming a floating point variable named “red”, would be:

    red = 34.0 / 255.0;

    If your hard coding the values into the source code then just use your calculator.

    Or you could buy the nice program for $10.



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