aspectRatio ver. 1.9 Released …

New in this Release:

• If custom calculated output dimensions are not evenly divisible by 16, the aspectRatio Custom Conversion utility will now suggest evenly divisible high/low values.

Select MPEG formats are based on 16×16 macro-blocks. Output dimensions evenly divisible by 16 will maximize encoder efficiency and yield optimum results.

• New Preferences Panel with a new option to set the font color of the calculated numerical output displays.

• The code for the Main Window formats display has been rewritten.

• New multi-view Help panel.

• A Main Application Window selection option has been added to the Window menu. If the main application window is inadvertently closed while the application is still running, this option will re-display the main window.

• Updated the Sparkle Framework to ver.1.5 b6. This includes DSA Signatures for enhanced security.



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